Dappled Sunshine

In late August I was accepted onto the Professional Arts Practice course in Skibbereen and I am currently attending five days a week, we are studying Painting, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Communications, Sculpture and are organizing a professional Exhibition of our art work. It’s full on, intense, and thoroughly rewarding!

We had to pick a theme we were to study through out the year and I decided to focus on dappled sunshine and the way sunlight plays with the leaves in the trees. This has proven to be incredibly challenging to pull off because I have had to try and recreate the effect I want to study INSIDE the classroom.

Classroom Set Up


It worked for drawing, but proved too difficult for painting because my leaves kept immediately dying. After brain storming a solution I decided to try and use a light box. It still didn’t quite capture what I wanted to do, and my leaves kept drying, but I managed to get one leaf study painting that I am happy with. For the next module I think I am going to buy a potted Japanese Maple and a lamp to capture the light through leaves effect.

All completed artwork photos are on the left under Professional Arts Practice work ’13-’14.

Be well!

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