Another year down… What’s next?

We’re winding up the year at Rossa College with our graduate Exhibition on May 13th at 7pm in Skibbereen.


I have so many thoughts as the year finishes.

About how focusing on one theme for a year forces you to face yourself as an artist and forces you to stay grounded and work through until you have a breakthrough.

About how I will miss working with my classmates because it was so enjoyable all year long.

About how I finally feel confident in my abilities as an artist and comfortable in the role of “Artist”.

About how much love and support people keep throwing my way as I progress.

About how I thought I’d take a month off making but people keep talking to me about exhibitions so I think I am just going to keep going.

About how there’s still a thousand Mushie ideas rolling around in my head.

About how stressed out I feel not having access to a kiln any more. (Support my efforts to get one here )

About where my work will go next.

About how I want to start a womans art collective because I want to keep working with the amazing women I met this year and became friends with.

About how I need to focus on getting organized for the exhibition but my mind keeps wandering lol.

The only thing I know for sure right now, is that I will keeping going and keep creating and keep networking despite social anxiety.

In the meantime! Exhibition to pull off! And then immediately afterwards, submitting my work to the West Cork Art Centres Member Show. And then maybe another exhibition in Church Cross, Skibbereen in August.

Stay tuned 🙂











13029701_1033328496745609_3002727826773033994_o (1)



2 thoughts on “Another year down… What’s next?

  1. Sera says:

    As usual, you make me smile, and I wish I could afford all the pieces and fly you here and have you set them up perfectly in my office (I have to get an office first, I know! LOL) – someday sweetheart. ❤ I'm delightfully proud of this incredible array of brain musings. ❤

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