Nature Walks

Lately, since moving, whenever we have a spare hour or two and its dry, we head of to Dromillihy woods, which is about 2 miles away from the house, not even. It’s a gorgeous place to walk just heaving with life and interesting things to see, especially this time of year.

I find myself more inspired and more grounded after we take these walks. The scouting for interesting things takes calm, patience and focus. I also find it incredibly soothing to be so focused on finding mushrooms or neat plants that whatever stress is happening in life just melts away for the time we’re there. Often my husband and I will go alone just to catch up, reconnect and chat.

Recently my friend Donyae posted about a website called iNaturalist and explained it was great for documenting what you see out in nature. At first I was daunted by another thing that requires focus and effort because I just want to spend whatever focus and energy I have on my art, but the site is REALLY neat and I want to start cataloguing what I find, even just to learn all the names and what is poisonous and what isn’t. I don’t actually eat mushrooms – they taste too earthy for me lol – but I do love spotting new ones. I actually squealed and bounced around when I found coral mushrooms myself because I never expected to see them in real life.

Whether I start cataloguing things or not, I am not sure but I do know the walks are often the highlight of my day and I am really grateful for the new area we live in. If we’re not walking in the woods, my daughter and I are often combing the beaches all around us for mermaids purses, shells and beach glass whenever the weather allows. There is definitely no shortage of inspiration in our corner of this gorgeous island 🙂



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