Short Adventurings

We’ve been in our new house just over two months now, and the stress and chaos of the summer is dissipating. However, as seems to be the norm, with the calm comes the emotional fallout. It seems to surface exactly as life calms down because hey, now you have time and space to process. So frustrating when you just want to enjoy the new found calm though.

I’m combating it with short daily adventures. Usually to Dromillihy Woods or the local beaches – Ownahincha, Long Strand or The Warren. Finding all kinds of new and wonderful mushrooms always delights me, as does seeing what the beach has to offer on a daily basis. My daughter and I collect shells, rocks and detritus that catches our eye, while my walks in the woods are usually with my husband and our Rottweiler, Furiosa. Both walks give me time to connect with them, as well as ground and centre myself when the emotional/mental stress gets overwhelming.

With the predictability of our days returning now that the daughter is back in school, I am able to disappear into my studio and focus on my work again, which feels amazing. The GoFundMe for my “Art for Kiln Exchange”  has been a huge success and I am only 400€ short of being able to afford my new kiln. The out building that came with the new house has been wired up and everything is ready and waiting for it 🙂

In the meantime I am working on the commissions for people who supported my fundraising efforts. Here is the newest piece for friends in Holland:


I tried a new technique with having something akin to stained glass sections with transparent fabric. The purple is actually two tone, which I feel really captured the shimmer of the original butterfly photo.

More to follow, so stay tuned 🙂


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