Potsy & Various Updates

 This update is a long time coming but in case you happened to miss my exuberant squee-ing all over FB and IG, my kiln has finally arrived. I tend to name big special expensive things I own, despite never thinking myself the type, and my kiln is no different. She’s been christened “Potsy” in honour of my Mum who is also a potter. Mums name is Patricia and when we were growing up I used to mimic my Omas pronunciation of Patsy as “Pooootsy!” because I was a pest. And since she is a potter, and now I get to make pottery, it seemed fitting and wonderful. My sister in law Sara owns her own handmade business – The Perley Shoppe – and did the decal for Potsy 🙂 Potsy arrived with an electrical cable loose, but DBI in Cork City had it sorted within a few days and I was off and running, firing my first ceramics for an exhibition called “Geomantics” opening just a few days later. Previously I had never even turned a kiln on before (but had loaded several) so reading the massive manual felt a bit intimidating but I got there in the end thanks to several potters supporting me along the way! (Thanks Pim, Dawn and Mum x). I sent out the thank yous and zines to the people who ordered commissions, allowing me to buy Potsy, over the last 18 months but wanted to quickly thank them again and everyone who cheered me on, shared the fundraising page and kept me encouraged. Now I have a piece of equipment I never imagined I would be able to get and my art can progress even more. So fantastic!

The exhibition mentioned above opened in Lisheen House, Skibbereen on Feb 25th and was a group effort by the Wild Atlantic Artist Collective I am apart of, based in Skibbereen. We were exploring the impact of humanity on the environment and their affect on one another and I was really proud of the show we managed to put together. It runs until March 28th if you want to catch it – Lisheen House is down the little alley beside the Southern Star – first door on the left.

Art shown by Maddi Precious, Joan Mulvany, Myself and Joan Mulvany again.

So, the beginning of 2017 has been hectic and wonderful and thus the radio silence. As things calm down, I am still working to finish the commissions of contributors to Potsy, while mulling over where I want to go next with my art. I am currently dabbling in several different mediums – encaustics, ceramics, batik and combined materials again. I think in general my personal theme for the year will centre around the sea, living sea side and sea life. Every day when I drive my daughter to work I pass several beaches and am utterly fascinated by the changing colours of the water. When I am able for it, I walk on the beach with my daughter and collect whatever treasures the sea has offered up to us that day. If you follow along on Facebook and Instagram you will get daily updates whenever I am in the studio 🙂 Links at the bottom of the page.

That’s all the latest happenings art wise 🙂 Let me know if you like the website overhaul too 🙂 Hope you’re all well and 2017 is treating you good so far!

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