Being a Creative and a Mum

When I started my art course in 2012, I quickly realised how hard I found it to split my time between Mum-ing and Art-ing. I am a person who hyper-focuses and tends to be able to focus on only one thing at a time. So I am either in full Mum mode or full Artist mode. Some people can do one for a few hours and switch, whereas I want to do one for a week and then switch. It isn’t a feasible way to work, so I have had to learn to force myself into the studio when she is at school, change gears and come back to being a present Mum when she is home.

While I was figuring all of that out, though, I became fascinated with the concept of dividing ones time between the two things. Because any creative will tell you, creating can be all consuming. As any Mum can tell you, so is Mum-ing. There are actually a bunch of books written on the subject and a wonderful documentary called “Who does she think she is?” that I really recommend.

As I continue to hoard resources on this subject that fascinates me, I came across a Amanda Palmers very first Podcast in which she meets up with Melissa Higgins in Australia and discusses this subject with her. I really enjoyed it and thought I would pass it along to ye in case anyone else is interested. You can find it here, at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

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