Finding My New Normal

I can’t believe how long I have spent wondering where I want to go with my art and career as an artist. I am only starting to get a clear picture of how I want to invest my limited free time with my art.

I have realised I have zero tolerance at the moment for making to anyones expectations but my own. I am not interested in market research, guessing what will sell or even commissions. I simply want to play and make from my own inspiration.

This year I want to get back to my thread sculptures. I am going to explore more with batik and spend a lot of time on personal projects like the quilt I want to make my baby girl from the clothes she wore the first year of her life as a memory quilt. I am also considering documenting my fibre life – dyeing, spinning, and what I do with the resulting yarns. I am currently working on a massive project of a hand dyed, hand spun, hand woven shawl for my mum.

I recently left Facebook as well – both personally and I will be taking down my art page. Meaning here and Instagram will be the best places to keep up with my artistic journey if you’re so inclined. I am also considering more blog posts of issues I am thinking about a lot lately and sharing a bit more from our personal life just because I enjoy documenting things. Previously this page was to be a polished professional arts website for myself… now I am more interested in a chronicle of my creative life – meaning gardening, books, cooking and all my making. We’ll see how far I get in achieving that 😉

So 🙂 That’s what’s coming in 2019. More art – especially since I recently got to move back into my studio (Joris gave up the annex and went to the bedroom so I can art again!), more blog posts, more life, and my obsession with fibre. Would love to have you along for the journey and hear your thoughts along the way 🙂

S ❤

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