Slow Cloth Project

Hey there!

Wanted to share a project I am working on. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen my on going progress with a huge project I am doing for my Mum. I got the idea last fall to make a large shawl. I wanted to dye it, spin it and weave it myself. I asked Mum if she wanted a shawl and she said yes please! She also graciously covered materials because I wouldn’t have been able to afford the fiber to make the shawl at the time.

She asked me to make it in the same style as the “Mermaid” scarf I made my daughter Bella. She wanted texture and her own color palette and curly locks in the shawl. I had used commercial yarns, some hand spun and hand spun locks in Bellas scarf, and had nothing in Mums chosen colours, so I had to make the textured yarns myself from fiber I ordered and dyed myself. Exciting! Some I had never tried before.

I started off with 3 Braids of fiber mum sent from Canada from Sweet Georgia, 1 skein of Boucle from Eve Chambers Textiles here in Ireland and a bag of locks from Apple Oak Fibre Works here in Ireland as well.

I made batts with some braids and added in hand dyed (by myself) tencel, bamboo, silk and firestar. The rest I kept as top. In the picture with all the yarns I have spun so far, the bottom row is all 3 ply warp yarns and the top is a mixture of singles (unplyed), corespun, 2 ply, and a corespun, autowrapped spiral ply. The warp yarns can be used as weft as well if I have to much.

I still have two braids of top left to spin and the 100g of locks as well and then I can start weaving. I will be weaving the shawl on my 32inch Ashford Rigid Heddle. I have to confirm how long she wants her shawl but she basically wants a blanket she can wear outside in the cold Canadian winters 🙂

Will update when I am finished spinning!

~S ❤

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