Project Mums Shawl: Completed

On Friday March 15th I finished Mums shawl after 7 months of planning, dyeing, spinning and weaving. The actual weaving only took 6 days with weaving about an hour every day. It is about 170cm long and about 76cm wide. But I have to admit I didn’t measure the finished project off the loom. It warped up at 182cm by 81cm. I left the fringe very long so my Mum can cut it if she wants it shorter. There is approximately 1kg of fiber in the shawl 🙂


The process of making this has utterly captivated me and as I was finishing it, immediately started making plans to make another but with a lot more textured art yarns. I love the effect of the spiral ply causing bumps, contrasted by the smooth weave, contrasted by the loops. In the end I actually got a commission from a close friend and again they chose the palette and gave me free reign with texture and want me to play with texture to my hearts content. I am really excited to start it.

Between finishing the shawl, washing it and sending it off to my Mum in time for her birthday, I was sick on the couch and while bored managed to dress my 10 inch loom and use the left over handspun to make her a matching scarf. Both are now en route to Mum.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂
~S ❤


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