Welcome to SavvyLikeThat!

This is where you will find my art collections and my blog. My Facebook and Instagram are more frequently updated if you’d like to go  and follow my latest work there – links at the bottom of the page.

A little bit about me – I have been living in the wilds of southern Ireland since 2008, and previous to that Cork City since 2001, I am originally from Ontario, Canada. I moved to Ireland when I was 18 and worked as an Accounts Manager at a youth charity until I moved further out into West Cork and opened my own home studio in 2010. Since then I have been steadily studying and exploring art disciplines and techniques in an effort to more easily express myself and my love of the natural world through my art.

Most recently I completed the Professional Arts Practice, Level 6 FETAC course with Distinction in 2014. Previous to that I did the  Art, Craft and Design, a Level 5 FETAC course which I also completed with distinction in 2013. Both courses we taken at Rossa College in Skibbereen. I currently work independently in my own home studio and manage my artistic career around being disabled. In the future my hope is to one day go on to obtain a bachelors in fine art, textiles or ceramics, and in the meantime I continue to self educate and move forward in different areas as an artist.

As an artist I tend to lean towards Surrealism, but lately have been challenged through study to focus on Realism and more direct observational art. I work comfortably in Mixed Media, Painting (Acrylic), Ceramics, Sculpture and Textiles. I am thoroughly enjoying being exposed to different mediums, styles, and artists through school and independent study. My artwork at times is influenced by women’s issues, social and political issues, and being disabled. Most often though, my art is about the natural world, which never ceases to amaze me. As an artist my intent is to make art that is accessible and affordable for anyone my art strikes a chord with.

Enjoy the site and feel free to contact me with any questions, queries or commission inquiries!

Take care x
Savannah Rozema
savvylikethat at gmail dot com


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