The work showcased here was completed in 2013/14 as part of my ceramics course at Rossa College’s Fetac level 6 Professional Arts Practice course. The theme I was working with, in terms of ceramics, was the delicacy and transparency of leaves. Using a tough Raku clay to start with, I was trying to role it as thin as possible while keeping it intact. Moving on to exploring paper clay, I achieved an even thinner vessel and delicacy. Finally I moved onto making what I called “rag vessels” whereby I made a thick slip with paper clay, dipped a 100% cotton rag into it and draped it over several different vessels or left it in a pile. It was then fired, burning the cotton rag out of the piece. The delicacy of these pieces made it nearly impossible to even handle them, but the texture and fragile nature made them exquisite. I will be exploring these ideas further when my own studio is set up in the end of 2014.


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